Species Animal
Body Type NORMAL
Requires Spirit of MOPUPPY x1
Cost $ 2200

MOPUPPY is an animal guard with a normal body type and both normal and water attacks. It's transformation is BEARDMASTIFF.

MOPUPPY can only be obtained through a rare quest in The Great Land, where it appears at rank 35 as a 3 energy battle. Note, should a player lose the encounter, the quest will disappear, and must be reopened.

Stats (at Rank 22) Cell centered, table centered
Base Stats Bonus Base + Bonus
HP 251 - 251
ATK 29 - 29
DEF 25 - 25
MATK 19 - 19
MDEF 31 5% 32
SPD 12 - 12
INT 22 10% 24
+210 free points
Element Name Power Type Rank Item
NORMAL BITE 100 Basic - -
WATER FREEZE AIR 100 Basic - -
NORMAL SMASH 130 Special 25 Blue Crystal x20

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